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About Allee Etheridge

Allee Etheridge grew up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and Dallas, Texas.  She received her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and minors in Studio Art and Japanese from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  After graduating, she moved to the small town of Kamijima-cho in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, to teach English.  She lived there for two years and made sure to take a few ceramics classes while in the area.


Since returning to the US in 2010, Allee has developed her ceramic work both in the functional realm and in the sphere of performance art.  She makes pots that bring beauty into everyday life.  She also makes large installation/performance pieces every spring at the local renaissance festival.

Allee has exhibited her work all across the US and was recently the short-term resident artist at both Red Lodge Clay Center and Clay Arts Vegas. She currently works out of her home studio.

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