Porcelaneous stoneware. Wheel-thrown. Electric fired to ^5 and luster fired to ^018. 4.25"x4.75"x3.5". Made in 2019.


All profits from this line of transgender rights mugs are donated to The National Center For Transgender Equality.


Artist statement from the transgender individual who modeled for the cup:


The first time I came out as transgender, I was only twelve. Our family doctor threatened that if I ever told anyone else, he'd make sure I got testosterone injections so I'd “be forced to man up.” I was terrified. I was horrified. And for many years afterward, I was silent.


When I finally transitioned, one of the first things I was told by a therapist was that I'd have to quit my job, move to a new city where no one knew me, and start over as someone else. I shouldn't tell anyone I was trans. Fortunately, I had been a professional artist for about a quarter of a century by that point, so disappearing wasn't ever really an option.


Here in the United States, our understanding of transgender people and their lives has come so far since the early 1980s. Despite that, people still cling tenaciously and dogmatically to outdated biases, misconceptions, and misinformation. And there is a push in government and religious institutions to incorporate the ignorance and bigotry of a bygone time into public policy and legislation, to the detriment of transgender individuals.


When trans men and women are pushed out of public places and awareness and our voices are consistently silenced, our detractors – often unfettered by honesty or compassion - speak for us and about us instead. Our dialogue is not theirs to control. We cannot hide. We cannot be silent. We cannot, and will not, be erased.



Transgender Rights Mug

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