Porcelaneous stoneware. Wheel-thrown. Electric fired to ^5 and luster fired to ^018. 4"x4.75"x3.75". Made in 2019.


All profits from this line of transgender rights mugs are donated to The National Center For Transgender Equality.


Artist statement from the transgender individual who modeled for the cup:


My name is Riiley, and I volunteered for Allee’s transgender awareness mug because I feel it’s important for transgender people to have positive visibility. I have struggled with my own self image for years, something that most people will understand. But it is different for transgender people. In my case, I looked at myself in the mirror for years and felt disgusted with the way I looked. I chose the pose I did for my mug because I truly believe that once I have my top surgery, that dysphoria will significantly lessen.  Allee has always been a wonderful supporter of the transgender community, and I’m proud to be a part of something she has created. She really has a talented hand when it comes to her craft, and I thank her for allowing me to participate in something that will help other transgender people.



Transgender Rights Mug

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